Prize Fight TV

Prize Fight CEO Paul Sulyok takes us behind the screens of videogame tournament television

On July 14, on Sky 146 between 8.30pm and 9.30pm, the first Prize Fight TV show aired. Prize Fight TV, for those unaware, is a televised videogame extravaganza constructed to show Prize Fight Pro Gaming Leagues and Cups matches battled out online at, where gamers go toe-to-toe in multiplayer games for cash prizes. It provides gamers with the opportunity to watch edited highlights of their recent matches - and viewers with the chance to watch footage of games, complete with commentary and post-match analysis.

We recently caught up with Prize Fight CEO Paul Sulyok to find out more...

So what's Price Fight TV all about?

Paul Sulyok: We had a look around and we realised there was no real gaming show with on-going content of people competiting in computer games online. So essentially what we decided to do was to take excerpts from our competitions and our tournaments and feature them on a Match of the Day-type television show.

How is the show going to work?

Paul Sulyok: Well, it runs for an hour and it's broken up into four parts. The components of that are events that take place between high-profile clans in our tournaments, competitions that take place on our servers and analysis of those competitions, tips on how the military would deal with certain situations in real-life and we also give gamers the option - and I think this is the key thing - to achieve an element of celebrity, which they don't have right now.

Online games, LAN parties or tournaments are very much a specialist area right now which isn't openly available to the vast majority of the public, yet the games and the skills that are employed in winning the games are tremendous. And so we decided something like Prize Fight TV would be extremely beneficial not only for Prize Fight but also for the community.

You mentioned that you're trying to open up the show for the mainstream public. With this considered, exactly how technical will you get with your analysis and commentary?

Paul Sulyok: We try and achieve the rather challenging goal of making it suitably interesting for hardcore gamers to enjoy, yet also making it accessible for casual viewers to come on-board. So the entertainment factor needs to be sufficient so that it's interesting to watch if you happen to switch onto the channel, yet if you are part of our community you can come on-board and say 'Wow, that's pretty interesting, X, Y or Z is approaching Dust_2 in CS: Source like that'.

Why do you think game TV shows have seen little success so far? What do you think the missing link is?

Paul Sulyok: The missing link is on-going entertainment factor. Prize Fight TV is going to be linked to a series of tournaments, eventually culminating into a league and a cup that are going to be run on Prize Fight. So as opposed to simply one-off television where you're reviewing a game or you're participating in a one-off little tournament, what we intend to give the viewers is on-going information about people who participate in Prize Fight tournaments and leagues. So, as opposed to having a one-off situation where 'X' plays 'Y' and that's the last you ever hear about X and Y, what Prize Fight TV intends to do is offer on-going information on a week-by-week basis of the clans who are playing on our games online. That is the key differentiation between what Prize Fight TV is offering and what previous television programs have offered.

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