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God of War II screen carnage

More shots erupt from Kratos's second outing as God of War II shapes up for more combolicious action

As you'll probably remember from days of yore, we love a spot of God of War on CVG. With its winning mixing of ancient Greek mythology and crunchy combolicious action, Kratos's continuing adventures have always been one of our favourite offerings on PS2.

Of course our excitement over the sequel, God of War II, was fuelled by a fine showing at this year's last great E3 and, with talk of a trilogy of God of War games and the prospect of the franchise making a leap onto the next-gen at some point, it seems all our God of War II needs will be fulfilled over the course of the coming years.


So naturally when fresh screens appear, we feel an obligation, nay a duty to present them for your enjoyment too, as this fresh fine selection of three screens show. If you'd like to know more details on one of the hottest PS2 games in prospect, why not slide eyes right to feast on our ongoing coverage, perhaps paying special attention to our chat with Sony's in-house Game Director Cory Barlog and Senior Combat Designer (still one of the coolest job titles going ) Derek Daniels, who recently submitted to our whirling blades of interview frenzy.