Dead Rising exorcising its demos

Capcom's 360 zombathon gets its own demo on Xbox Live from 11 am today

With more zombies than you could feasibly shake a rotting severed finger at, Capcom's Xbox 360 splatterfest Dead Rising is already a good 'un in our books. The fact that you can annihilate the undead with everything from a parasol to a lawnmower just adds the icing on the cake for us. Now though, dear reader, you can tackle the shambling hordes yourself as an official demo of the game hits Xbox Live later today.

Arriving at approximately 11 am this morning, the Dead Rising demo sees you taking on the guise of freelance photographer Frank West, who's got 48 hours to get to the bottom of the mysterious arrival of the undead blight. Apparently, the demo is limited to fifteen minutes of play and a single section of the game's expansive shopping mall setting.

Dead Rising, the game proper, is set for release over here on September 8.