Archlord: Character 'enhancement' at a price

Codemasters thrilled to introduce its 'PlayPLUS' initiative alongside its upcoming MMORPG

Thrilling news in the world of MMORPGs this morning as Codemasters launches an exciting initiative for its upcoming Archlord whereby, if you want to enjoy some of the really cool stuff in the game, you'll have to pay a shitload more. Hooray!

Codemasters has dubbed the scheme 'PlayPLUS' and using it, players will be able to purchase subscriptions based on both play-time and bonus credits. It's these bonus credits that are likely to prove the controversial bit, with players able to use them to gain access to bonus in-game items and benefits - with Codies citing teleportation spells, health boosts and 'many other desirable enhancements' as examples.

Clearly on damage limitation alert, Codemasters assures potential Archlord players that, "Items obtained using the bonus credits are additional to the standard in-game currency system and are only used as a way of enhancing your character further. Regular in-game items, including weapons, armour, potions, and mounts, will still be freely available through the regular in-game currency system."

PlayPLUS payments come in three tiers, with the entry-level package, dubbed 'Squire' costing £6.99 (9.99 EUR) a month and including 1,500 bonus credits. Next up is the 'Knight' option at £13.49 (19.99 EUR) with 3,400 bonus credits included while - if you're really feeling flush - the ultimate 'Lord' package weighs in at £27.49 (39.99 EUR) and includes 8,000 bonus credits. Apparently three- and six-month packages are also available, with full details available on the official Archlord website - be warned though, that link might just make your wallet cry.

Here are some examples of the game 'enhancements' your money will buy that we found, scouting around the Archlord site:

  • Talisman of Awakening - Increased Rate of XP
  • Orb of summoning - Summon Party Members to Location
  • Lens Stone - Increased Attack / Skill Ability

Speaking about the 'exciting' initiative, David Solari, vice president and general manager of Codemasters Online Gaming, gushed, We are very pleased to bring this exciting concept "PlayPLUS" to the MMO market. We believe the ability to utilise items will give players more freedom to develop their characters in the game world and will enhance their overall experience. Coupled with quality gameplay at a very competitive entry price we believe ArchLord is the MMO to get into this year."

Apparently, PlayPLUS will be fully integrated into Archlord by the time the game launches in Q3, later this year. However, if you're lucky enough to be a participant in the Archlord beta, you can enjoy the whole thing right now.