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More Rule of Rose shoots up our nose

A whole bunch of actual in-game shots this time around for the upcoming PS2 survival horror

Lipstick, finger-sucking and fish blimps - an average day at the CVG office really. Imagine the shuddering thrills then, coursing through our nethers as 505 Games' somewhat sinister new PS2 survival horror Rule of Rose preps its panties for an October 20 showing.

Hot on the heels of all that character art and renders we bundled you with earlier in the week, we've got our hands on a batch of new actual in-game screens from the game - just like you asked for, in fact.

Although not quite on par with Rule of Rose's frankly gorgeous CGI cutscenes (created by SHIROGUMI Inc., the team responsible for the stunning CGI in the Onimusha and Genji games, no less), it's still all looking quite lovely in its recreation of 1930s-era England.


We'll have plenty more on the game as its release draws nearer - assuming that Rule of Rose's somewhat questionable content doesn't get pruned so much, all we're left with is an empty box and a fancy sleeve, that is.