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MK 'Armageddon out of here

New Mortal Kombat Armageddon screens crunch in to rip out your spine and then wave it, still jiggling, in your face

Hmm, not a very pleasant subhead to greet this rather grey Wednesday morning, but given Mortal Kombat's illustrious and brutal heritage, entirely in keeping with the theme of the series.

And Mortal Kombat Armageddon is all about the series' heritage as it takes its final bow on current gen consoles PS2 and Xbox. It allows you to play as every character from Mortal Kombat's long and bloody history, while also allowing you to create your very own custom fighter and even customise the series' infamous Fatality moves in what Midway is promising is the most 'complete and lethal' fighting experience ever.

Judge for yourself in this round of freshly delivered carnage-filled screens and await Armageddon when it punches through your chest cavity this autumn.