Medieval II videos rally the troops

Fresh gameplay videos demonstrate Creative Assembly's RTS king in all its glory

If you fancy yourself as one of history's great commanders, then apart from rallying a few local hoodlums and shouting a call to arms at the local Tesco, Medieval II: Total War is about as close as you're going to get to tasting the bitter tang of war.

Fresh from the loins of Creative Assembly's squirting video machine, these new gameplay movies show off some of Med II's new gameplay features, including the wedding, assassin and evasion types.

As you can see from our fancy video player, assassin attempts come complete with their own hilarious video clips, showing the result of your sneaky hitman's attack. One such clip that comes to mind from our E3 sneak-peak, is a stealthy kill that involved a piano and a balcony. Obviously it's not all war and death in the new Total War, then.

Medieval II marches into battle this November. Look out for more coverage deploying on CVG soon.