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Resistance: FoM screens liberated

Insomniac's promising PS3 blaster rears its head again in a bunch of monstrous screenshots

It's not exactly Killzone 2, but Insomniac's PS3 shooter, Resistance: Fall of Man did more than enough to tickle our FPS fancy when we got our hands it earlier this year at E3.

Billed as a "blend of epic military action and unnerving horror," Resistance pits you against a bunch of invading aliens, in an alternate-reality 1950s England. Along with the usual single-player offerings, co-op and multiplayer modes are also touted, along with online campaigns that cater up to 32 players. As you can see from these screenshots, it's also very, very pretty. And that's all you need to know.

Fall of Man is expected on Sony's next-gen console somewhere around its November 17 launch window and with Half-Life 2 and F.E.A.R. also coming to PS3, it seems shooter fans will have plenty to get their teeth into. We'll bring you more from the Resistance front line as it arrives.