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Armed Assault screens storm in

New shots from the spiritual sequel to the revered Op Flash march into battle

You'll know we're pretty damned excited about Armed Assault, being fervent fans of Bohemia Interactive's Operation Flashpoint, which pioneered the way for many of the features we now take for granted from modern military shooters and sims.

Of course, the release of the first real footage from the game (cast eyes right for 'Armed Assault Movie Marches Forward') only whetted our appetites even further and if you haven't seen the amazing and rather extensive movie, then you already know what your next assignment is.

For further intriguing details we'll also point you in the direction of our recent and rather extensive preview of the game (again eyes right, soldier!), where you can glean further intelligence on what's rapidly becoming one of our most wanted PC games this year. AA is currently prepping for an all-out assault this very autumn, so we shouldn't have too long to wait, either.