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Rockstar's Bully: Trailer and screens in attendance

The 'controversial' playground 'em-up is re-revealed in brand new screens and trailer

We weren't fibbing when we told you to expect fresh Bully viewings soon, as Rockstar has this very morning released brand new PS2 media of the game, winding-up to its release in a few months time.

Bully casts you as schoolboy Jimmy Hopkins, a student at corrupt school, Bullworth Academy. Jimmy rather daringly plays pranks on school bullies to become the most popular lad in the class. After the huge media hoopla surrounding the game, it doesn't exactly look like the schoolyard-GTA bully sim which sent the mainstream media into a feeding frenzy. Still, we have to admit we were hoping for something a bit more Grange Hill than Saved by the Bell with tank tops.

Still Bully will be strutting its way onto PS2 in "late October." Look out for more coverage on these pages once we've snuck up on Rockstar and given them a damn good wedgie.