Dead Rising downloads shuffle onto Live

Fashionable outfits to go a-zombie killing in - now available thanks to free content download

Our gaming cousins States-side who have snapped up Capcom's Dead Rising in a flurry of frenzied zombie-splattering anticipation can now download content for the Xbox 360 title from Xbox Live Marketplace.

Offered for free, the content consists of eight keys (each 108Kb in file size) that provide access to different costumes/clothing in the game that can be donned by lead character Frank West. The freelance photo journalist can now stun the zombies with incredible fashion sense thanks to the Miami Nights Key, the Casual Key, the Weekender Key, the Round Shades Key, the Burgundy Wine Key, the Grandpa Key, the Pink Parparazzi Key and finally the Man in Black Key

Dead Rising, if you really need reminding, is a violent gore-fest with plenty of black humour that finds West battling zombies that have overrun a shopping mall in a suburban town. It hits the UK on September 8 and is currently getting extensive zombie-mashing outings on our office 360.