Armored Core 4 rumoured for PS3 launch

FROM Software's 'mech battler one of the first games out for Sony's next-gen console, say reports

Big stompy, explosive 'mech action is, erm, stomping - stomping? - into PS3's launch line-up, apparently.

According to translate-y reports, Japanese magazine Famitsu is carrying news that FROM Software's Armored Core 4 will be ready for Sony's entry into the next-gen console arena this November. Hot diggity 'mech dog, and further word is that the title will feature some of the speediest, most furious 'mech combat ever witnessed, EVER!. No idea whether the game'll release on these shores, but there you go.

In very related news, there's rumours circulating that an expected Xbox 360 version of Armored Core 4 may have been sent to the great videogame dustbin in the sky. Oh well.

Anyway, if you happen to be able to read Japanese - well, we're assuming it's Japanese; it's just a load of squiggles to us - then you can find out more about Armored Core 4 by hitting the game's official website.