Prey snares new multiplayer content

Human Head reveals details on new additions being prepped for the first-person shooter

Prey developer Human Head Studios has revealed that new content for the first-person shooter will be released shortly.

In a Prey monthly update feature appearing on 3D Realms' website, the FPS's project lead (PC) and Human Head's Chris Rhinehart has let slip that new maps and new player characters are in the pipeline for both PC and Xbox 360 versions of the game.

Firstly, elaborating on the upcoming content, Rhinehart's said we can expect four new maps that "work better" with two- to four players, following requests from the community for multiplayer levels "that function well as 1v1 maps" - although, he adds, "you can still play with more than four in the maps, but they can get pretty insane".

In addition, and on the new player character front, he's said that a total of six new characters are to be added. The line-up includes four female characters - "Jen, Elhuit, Mother, and Becky (the blond victim you see occasionally on slabs in the single player Prey)" - and two hunter characters, Hunter and Elite Hunter.

As yet, there's no release date for the new Prey content, but we're told we'll receive this information once the package is closer to release. Also, it's not yet been determined whether Xbox 360 users will be charged for the goods.

Finally, Rhinehart has given word that patches for both the PC and Xbox 360 versions of Prey are in the works. More information on PC patch can be found on 3D Realms' website.