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WoW Burning Crusade: Fresh screens, details

New shots whirl into the Monday morning, with revelations on new Raid rules enclosed

World of Warcraft remains the world's favourite MMORPG, and with new expansion The Burning Crusade crunching in at a time yet to be disclosed - although we expect it to hit before the end of the year - fresh screens have invaded our Monday morning to whet your appetites further for the mighty WoW expansion.

Splendid though they are, they follow hot on the heels of news that Blizzard will be taking an apparently firm stance on raiding party size in the new expansion, with parties limited to 25 in instanced dungeons in an effort to eliminate arguments and conflict over Dragon Kill Points (or DKP) among the 40-odd characters currently permitted in raids in the game.


Controversial? Probably, but Blizzard has also revealed that there'll be plenty of smaller 25-man dungeons to accommodate the smaller raid size, including a biggie deep beneath Hellfire Citadel, where you'll be able to tackle the Pitlord Magatheredon whose contaminated blood fuels the curse of the Fel Orcs - who apparently siphon it off and swig it down like a particularly tasty pint.

Anyway, for the moment, feast your eyes on the new shots and we'll be bringing you more on The Burning Crusade from next week's Leipzig Games Show.