A kick in the nuts: New Bully info

Swift boots to the nadgers and more revealed as Rockstar's latest hits the playground

New details on Rockstar's playground actioner Bully have emerged, courtesy of an article appearing on

Revealed in the article is Bully's pro-nerd gameplay, which has you performing tasks for the four 'non-bully' factions in Bullworth Academy, the fictional school where the game takes place.

The nerds, preppies, jocks and greasers will all need your help combating Bullworth's teenage hoodlums, after which you'll gain brownie points with their faction and they'll help you out around campus, rugby-tackling your foes and hopefully performing a 'bundle' or too.

Other missions put you in school lessons, managing beakers in chemistry class and other education-related tomfoolery in English and Gym (or 'P.E.', to use its proper name). There's also a GTA-style 'alert level', which lands you in the principle's office if you skip too many lessons or start playground fights. The latter half of the game will also apparently give you access to the nearby town.

MTV goes on to report that the game features no guns whatsoever, instead opting for innocent fire crackers and bags of marbles as its weapons of choice. Also, no-doubt to the delight of our female readers, lady-focussed violence has also been outlawed in Bully. According to the article, if you try to grab a girl in the game "she kicks you in the nuts." That never happened to us in school.

Bully is out at the end of October.