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Harvest Moon Wii starts to bear fruit

Good news if you fancy controlling a hoe with the Wii-mote (that's the garden implement, not the woman of loose morals)

Famitsu has managed to grab a first look at Natsume's Harvest Moon for the Wii, revealing just how the cute farm-'em-up will operate using the Wii-mote.

Unsurprisingly, you can do things like tilt the Wii-mote downwards (having selected the watering can with the D-Pad) to water plants, and pull it back and throw it forwards in order to fish. Some story details have emerged, too: the game is set on an island which is home to a goddess and a great tree, but one day the tree goes dry and the goddess disappears. At which point, Harvest Moon's familiar helper creatures, the Koropokuru, ask you to farm the land and build relationships with in-game characters, in order to restore the island's equilibrium.

Release details remain undisclosed, but we'll bring you them as soon as possible.