Just Cause demo debut

Avalanche Studios' Far Cry and GTA crossover gets official demo love later this month

Just Cause, Avalanche Studios' tropical GTA-a-like (with parachutes) is set to get some demo love later this month with both Xbox 360 and PC versions ready to rock on August 24, according to a brief word on the game's official site.

Not much more than that to tell you we're afraid, with little or no details forthcoming on what the demo might contain. Still, we're sure one of Sweden's finest will produce some decent ops to check the game out. We've had a bit of an extended blast on the 360 version of the game and it's actually pretty promising, with you taking on the role of a secret agent sent to overthrow a corrupt island government in a sun kissed mix of Far Cry and GTA with bullets, babes and covert CIA action all thrown into the mix.


We'll have further details for you as soon as Avalanche releases more, but in the meantime why not flick eyes right to check out our extensive previews, screens and movies from the game to see what awaits you...