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Guild Wars Nightfall movie's sunny delights

The latest instalment in the MMORPG saga rides in on a wave of eye-catching fantasy splendour

ArenaNet has released what it described as an in-game cinematic trailer showcasing Guild Wars Nightfall, the latest chapter in its MMORPG series.

The trailer's viewable by zipping over to our video player on the right and, as well as revealing an eye-catching, sun-kissed game world, additionally lifts the lid on Nightfall's two new character professions - scythe-wielding, holy warrior the Dervish and guardian angel of the Elonian people, the Paragon.

Accompanying the trailer is news from ArenaNet that Nightfall will be present at next week's Games Convention in Leipzig, so expect fresh details on the game to hit shortly.

"Guild Wars Nightfall", ArenaNet explains, "takes place on the continent of Elona, Land of the Golden Sun, which has fallen under the shadow of an evil, outcast god. The people of Elona will need more than a hero to save them, they will need a hero to lead them... for nightfall is at hand."