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Assassin's TV?

New trademark protection in Uncle Sam land for Ubi's assassin-'em-up - movie or TV series on the way?

You'll know from our past adventures into Assassin's Creed land that it's one of the titles we're most looking forward to in the coming year or so on PS3 (and 360 and PC - yada yada). But news reaches us on the wind (oh alright, the internet) that Ubisoft may have even more extensive plans for what's rapidly becoming one of the hottest franchises in gaming.

'Huh?', we hear you cry ,and you'd be right - but listen on so that we can reveal that Ubisoft has apparently registered further patent protection over in the US to secure Assassin's Creed for, "Entertainment services namely television action series and the production of motion pictures".

Holy cow, an Assassin's Creed TV series and possibly even a feature film too! Now that would be rather cool. Perhaps a Highlander-style extravaganza (though hopefully without the dodgy acting) might be in the offing, or maybe a major movie might eventually make it to the light of day, with a Ridley Scott Kingdom of Heaven-style treatment?

Of course, protecting your intellectual property is de rigeur nowadays and patenting something doesn't actually commit you to producing anything, but it seems Ubisoft is already looking way beyond the gaming possibilities of the series.

As usual, you can nominate actors/directors for an Assassin's Creed TV show or movie and chew the fat over one of our most wanted titles in our comments field below. Thanks to the eagle-eyed hawks over at Gamefront for the spot.