Achieve immortality in FM 2007

SI Games is encouraging people to send in snaps of themselves for inclusion in footie sim - is that wise?

As is now customary, Sports Interactive is offering you the chance to get your ugly boat-race into one of its games - the forthcoming Football Manager 2007, to be specific. All you need to do is head for its Face In The Game website and follow the instructions (taking careful note of the thoughtfully provided examples of good and bad pix).

As SI explains, Football Manager 2007 requires fictional players (who might be saddled with your grinning mug, alas for them), as the game has a database of over 250,000 players, which constantly evolves as players retire, to be replaced by "regenerated" footballers. Please don't blame us if your digital photos are rejected - although it shouldn't matter whether you're a pretty-boy like Beckham or a dead ringer for Plug from the Bash Street Kids.


And that's not all: we found a load of screenshots of the forthcoming game on SI's website, and cherry-picked a few of them for your pleasure. Enjoy.