Field Ops

Is it an FPS, is it an RTS? It's both! Freeze Interactive's innovative new crossover gives you the best of both worlds!

Field Ops is a brand new outing from Freeze Interactive, Switzerland's leading and, as far as we can tell, only game developer, which is going to allow PC players to have their cake and eat it.

Combining all the thrills and shooty spills of a traditional first-person shooter with the devious strategic thinking of a modern RTS while allowing you to switch between the two modes seamlessly, it definitely got our gaming attention when we first heard about the concept.

Admittedly, our first thoughts when we heard about the game were huh? surely this cant work, but the more we thought about it, the more it made absolute sense. Mash ups are all the rage everywhere you look at the moment (taking two unrelated genres and combining them to make a bigger, better whole), so why shouldn't an FPS/RTS combo offer a whole lease of life to two genres that are in need of some real innovation.


Intrigued we most definitely were, so high time to learn some more and we've managed to catpure a rather extensive word with Mourad Majeri, Executive Producer for Freeze on this promising title - we learned more about how the game was conceived, how Field Ops works in action, how it compares to stars from both genres, plans for multiplayer and level editors, whether theres a console future for the title and first word on Freeze's as-yet-unannounced next project.

Over to you Mr Majeri...

Field Ops stands out by combining the RTS and FPS genres. But why would you want to be able to switch between strategy and shooting, and in which situations will you switch between them? What unique gameplay experiences will arise form the games twin genres?

The original idea was not : hey, lets mix two modes and see if it works!. The objective has been, from the beginning, to bring players a completely new and realistic experience of modern day conflict. And to really experience a modern war, you need to play it and live it both from the perspective of a commander, the one who designs strategies and tactics, AND through the eyes of a soldier from the battlefield. Our belief is that the most appropriate mode to truly be a commander was RTS, and that the best way to be in the action on the battlefield was to play FPS. So we decided to merge RTS and FPS, and looked for a developer who could do this.

You will be able to switch at any time in the game from the FPS/action mode to the RTS/tactical mode. Which means the player is absolutely free to manage the conflict the way he wants and to define his own strategy to adapt to the situation. He might find it more efficient to play RTS on big environments, when he has to manage his battalion and make sure all paths are covered from an enemy attack, whereas he might find it more appropriate to play FPS when he has to sneak and snipe a guard, or fight in corridors where he has to be very reactive to enemy quick attacks.


But again, these are just examples. We have made sure that it is the player who will choose the most efficient tactic depending on his own skills and perception of the situation. He can do what he wants!

Can you play the game entirely as an FPS or entirely as an RTS?

Yes, you can play the game entirely as an FPS or entirely as an RTSK.but you might find it very difficult to stick to the same view in specific situations. Its like lifts and stairs. You can either use lifts or stairs in a building. If you have to go to the first floor from the ground level, it will be quicker to use the stairs. If you have to go the Twentieth floor, technically you can use the stairs, but dont you think youd better jump in the elevator?

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