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God of War II screens heaven sent

New (and old) scenes of mythical monster-slaying in Sony's hotly anticipated slasher

We heard you last night, when you knelt down at the side of your bed in your jim-jams, hands cupped, praying for yet another rash of new God of War II screens, even though we gave you a few new ones earlier this month. You greedy little perishers...

Well, it looks like your prayers have been answered, because Sony has unleashed a couple more scenes of the forthcoming Greek mythical adventure, plus a few earlier ones that we missed before. One of the PS2's most anticipated games, it looks set to build on star Kratos' gruesome, blood-spattered journeys through worlds we'd really rather not tread. (In person, that is).

God of War II is expected to release early next year, with persistent talk of a trilogy and a (surely inevitable?) jaunt onto PS3 making us even more lip-dribbingly excited.