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Scarface jives to the '80s

Clever 'Mix Tape Feature' announced for the Scarface game, as more than 100 '80s tracks make it into the mix...

"Say hello to my 'leedle' songs" says Tony Montana, waving a large, probably-loaded gun in your shocked mug. Well don't be afraid, because he, and Vivendi, have secured a rather impressive line-up of '80s songs for the first half of the Scarface: The World Is Yours 'mix' soundtrack.

The likes of Run DMC, Public Enemy and Grandmaster Flash will be mixing it up with Judas Priest, Iggy Pop and Burning Spear to form what will be more than 100 songs from the period that brought us big hair, smudged lipstick and George Michael's gyrating butt.

And when we say 'mixing it up', we mean exactly that because the game features a smart 'mix tape' function that allows you to customise your own in-game soundtrack. If you want pure '80s songs to capture the mood of the time period, you can. If you want the original film 1983 film score from Giorgio Moroder (also featured), you can slide that way too.

Alternatively, if it's just modern sounds that you're after, there will also be a very large number of modern-day music acts to be added to the roster in the very near future.

With unlockable tracks, the custom tape feature and the knowledge that we'll be able to devil salute Judas Priest while speeding along the Miami coastline in a red sportsmobile with absolutely no irony whatsoever, Scarface: The World Is Yours should be a rather big pull for music fans, as well as budding self-made gangsters. It releases for PS2, Xbox and PC this autumn.

Below is a list of highlights from the '80s soundtrack:

Debbie Harry - "Rush Rush" (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Public Enemy - "Don't Believe The Hype
Run DMC - "Sucker MCs"
Judas Priest - "Breaking the Law"
Rick James - "Super Freak"
Grandmaster Flash - "The Message"
Peter Tosh - "Steppin' Razor"
Rick James - "Give It To Me Baby"
Beth Anderson - "Dance Dance Dance" (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Burning Spear - "Social Living"
Iggy Pop - "The Passenger"
Johnny Cash - "I'm an Easy Rider"