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Call of Duty 3: New trailer enlisted

CoD3 targets next-gen goodness in spectacular new gameplay trailer

This new Call of Duty 3 trailer is sure to have shooter fans salivating onto their keyboards, as they contemplate Activision and Infinity Ward's visually-spectacular third instalment shooting onto next-gen consoles later this year.

The video reveals CoD3's opening level which focuses on the Allied assault on the French town of St. Lo. A quick glance at our desk-side history books reveal that the town was originally an objective on D-Day plus one, and finally fell into Allied hands some 40 days after the beach landings. The town had apparently been reduced to rubble after heavy Allied bombardment which was assured to make it easier to capture, though as the troops rolled in it quickly materialised that the shelling had in fact had the opposite effect. All we need now is a Battle of Hastings game and all of those school history lessons will have paid off in full.

Call of Duty 3 is currently pencilled for a late 2006 release, and should appear around, if not on, the Wii and PS3 launch days.