Gothic III screens swarm in

New pics of Germanic RPG love coming your way - ultimate beardyness guaranteed inside

Gothic III could be a real contender in the beardyness stakes we reckon - and it could even provide a real alternative to the delights of Oblivion for those who've played Bethesda's masterpiece until their fingers are just raw bleeding stumps.

Don't believe us? Well suffice it to say it's getting late on a Friday afternoon and we have little time or indeed energy left to explain - so we'll simply advise you to check out Jon 'log' Blyth's recent adventures in Germany with the game, by simply flicking eyes right to our 'related' box for the full unmitigated and indeed uncensored story (it's not for the RPG faint of heart).


However when gorgeous looking screens roll in fresh as a daisy, we feel it's our duty to share them with you, especially when they give a real indication of what Gothic III's graphical splendours may hold. All that was good about the first two games, without any of the resultant frustrations, is how we'd sum it all up.

But simply let your eyes lovingly caress these screens and you'll see the RPG goodness which is almost certainly in store when the game releases later this year. Enjoy!