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B2142 trailer heeds the battle cry

New Gibraltar trailer marches into our Tuesday mornings for a slice of futuristic battlefield action

While Battlefield: Bad Company has been capturing all the headlines over the past couple of days, Stockholm's Digital Illusions has also quietly let slip a new trailer for its next big development in PC warfare, Battlefield 2142.

Tagged under the moniker of Camp Gibraltar, this new B2142 trailer showcases some of the combined forces action you can expect from D.I.C.E.'s latest battlefield blaster including glimpses of the impressive new Mech class in action (and how to blow them up), as well as some intense infantry firefights.

Given the name, we have to presume they relate to a fight over the current British base on the Rock. If you'd like to know even more about BF2142, simply slide eyes right where we have movies, screens, previews and word direct from the horse's mouth, with an in-depth interview with the game's producer Jamil Dawsari.