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Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins

An arcade classic is reborn for PSP and it's even more finger-twistingly hard, but still as compelling as ever

Ghosts. Goblins. Psychotic demons. Eyeball-spitting, possessed devil trees. And that's just for starters. Remember how Ghosts'n Goblins used to be the hardest game ever? Well Capcom reckons its PSP version needs to go one harder.

Ultimate Ghosts'n Goblins, as it's been aptly named, smacks you in the mouth, chucks you on the ground and then stamps all over your genitals with its difficulty. But then, if you've played the original, you'll realise that's all simply part of the appeal.

UGG is full of charming touches that ape the original, with the same side-scrolling platform format and the same character, Arthur, complete with his shaky suit of armour that collapses every time he's hit to reveal a pair of polka-dot boxer shorts.


What changes have been made are there purely to give discerning modern gamers something more to dig their teeth into. Depth has been added via magic spells and multiple armour types, while Arthur's quest has been infinitely improved with the addition of instant restart points. No more going back to the start of the level every time you die - easily the biggest failing of previous Ghosts'n Goblins games.

It's certainly not going to appeal to everyone, but old-school gamers will appreciate the mix of high-quality production and traditional gameplay.

The verdict

It's bloody hard, which we expected, but finishing a level is hugely rewarding.

PlayStation Portable