Peter Hirschmann, LucasArts

We put the LucasArts boss under the interview microscope where he talks, Star Wars, Indy and life with George

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Do you actually have Star Wars fact-checkers?
There are people whose full-time job it is to maintain an encyclopaedic knowledge of the Star Wars universe, to be historians, anthropologists, and know everything about Star Wars. Every game pushes out the boundaries and adds content to our universe.

There's more history there than the earth itself; I mean you go back more years than we have data on civilisation.
That's actually pretty true - I never thought about that, with KOTOR. It's a sad testament to the US education system, that you find kids that know more about Star Wars' history than our own.

Anyway, does George play games? Have you played him? Is he any good?
He's got a kid and they're avid gamers. In meetings he really knows his stuff and will pull out references to any number of things. You've got to be on your toes. He's actually more versed than most people; his number one passion is storytelling. He'll look at a game that's in production and he'll get it instantly - and if there are problems, he'll make some really good suggestions. The guy's really frickin' smart and the interaction provides an invaluable bonus.

It sounds like it's a shame there's only one of him.
He's a busy man, but it gives us time to make all his stuff ready to show him. Lucasfilm still retains the feel of a small family company - George is really accessible and takes pride in what we do.

You all mingle, do you?
We're all in the same building as the film and effects guys. It's fun to work with Oscar-winners - "Oh, he's got seven Academy Awards!"

Please make 'Monkey Island 5', please!
I'll add you to the list. You're number one million and one.

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