Phantom Zelda screens ghost in

Find time to look at these new shots from the DS's Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

Combine mysterious islands, cel-shaded loveliness and stylus-operated adventuring, and what do you get - why, the DS's gorgeous looking Legend of Zelda title, Phantom Hourglass, that's what!

These four new screenshots have just ghosted in from the Leipzig Games Covention, and are a fine showcase of the game's refreshing 'cartoon' look, and top-down style. The action follows on from the events of Wind Waker, and is powered by an almost exclusive control of the stylus.

Tapping the playing area makes Link move, making sweeping motions swings his sword, and drawing a path for his boomerang makes it easier to down those tricky-to-reach targets. And it even works on the map too, enabling you to scribble down important notes and chart ship courses through that hazardous fog.


With two-player WiFi gaming added into the bargain, this cel-shaded, stylus-happy Zelda outing should prove a bit of a success on the ol' DS. But of course, that's just our hunch. You can drool over these screens before the game hits its expected release date of Q4 this year.