Luvverly Team Fortress 2 trailer!

New footage from Valve's forthcoming multiplayer blaster arrives - hurrah!

Shaky-cam footage of the Team Fortress 2 trailer on show at the Leipzig Games Convention has appeared on the interweb, and it's had us so excited that we just had to point you in its direction.

Finally we're getting a glimpse of in-game TF2 action, although we certainly hope the likes of the decimating power of the Heavy's chaingun we're seeing is purely to beef up the carnage for trailer entertainment's sake, and won't be that mental in the full release. Combat in the trailer is occurring in what seems a reworking of classic Team Fortress map 2Fort, and along with the Heavy we're also shown a good deal of the Engineer - check out his crazy new sentry gun! - Spy, Sniper, Soldier, Demoman and Scout classes.

Team Fortress 2 is now expected to release in Q1 2007, as revealed in this here news article.