Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07

Tee off with the Tiger for some next-gen golfing goodness

This year, the latest instalment of Tiger Woods is placing more emphasis on being all serious and practising very hard like a good boy. You have a Tour card - this is enhanced by practice and playing training events, making the game more about earning new skills, items and abilities through actually playing the game rather than simply buying them in a shop with your tour winnings.

Once you've polished your skills, it's off into the season long tournament against the PGA pros. This year you're getting 14 famous players to make walk around various fields in the sunshine for hours, including for the first time the monstrous John Daly, Luke Donald and Ian Poulter.


There are more courses this time around too, with Woodsy and pals able to hack their way around the grassy heavens of Bethpage Black, Pinehust #2, Cog Hill and Fancourt Links, plus there's even an entirely new made-up course set in New York's Central Park - which is sure to be fun!

The swing has been fiddled with too. Electronic Arts promise more in the way of physics to effect your shots, with the likes of 'ball spray' meaning you're much more likely to make a mess of things if you don't pay attention and rely too much on the automated shot and angle selections to do all the work.

We're also promised additional draw and fade shots to make putting more realistic and therefore miles harder, all of which should make Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 about as realistic as being there and actually getting smacked in the eye with a golf ball. Plus, for a laugh, some new point-earning accuracy mini games will give you more to do in multiplayer modes - all of which will work over Xbox Live to give the online side of things a lot more variety than in previous Tiger Woods' iterations.

The game is due out on Xbox 360 this October, and for those of you who care about such things, we also saw the PS3 version recently and it looked a little ropey and jerky - and nothing near as polished as the Xbox 360 version. We take only a small amount of pleasure from that. Roll on October!