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New TOCA squeals onto PSP

Codemasters wheeling out an original TOCA title for the handheld. First screens inside

Codemasters' TOCA racing series is being taken for a spin on PSP in TOCA Race Driver 3 Challenge, an original TOCA title for Sony's handheld that's due out this winter in PAL territories.

The game features the series' typical, hefty spread of cars and famous race tracks and keeps intact realistic damage and physics to beef up the experience. Codemasters says that the emphasis is on "burst play" in this title with what's called the World Challenge mode providing the meat of the racing action.

Describing World Challenge as the game's progressive central game mode, Codies further informs, "As the piston-pumping heart of the game, the World Challenge will see players competing through a series of international championship tiers, each packed with skill tests, specialised events and championships that span different racing styles."


It continues: "Each World Challenge tier is designed to enhance and expand your race driving skills and experience. First, a series of tests and events will build your racing prowess in areas such as damage control, using the racing line, manoeuvring, timely pit stops and braking accuracy. Now you're ready for the main event: the tier's specialist Championship season with a series of closely-fought multiple car races on different circuits. Come first overall in the championship and you'll move up to compete in the next tier of the World Challenge."

Outside of World Challenge mode, there's the likes of Free Race and Time Trial to get to grips with along with 12-player wireless multiplayer racing. TOCA Race Driver 3 Challenge additionally supports Game Share, allowing up to four players to put pedal to the metal in multiplayer with a single UMD.