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Untold Legends PS3 screens swing their axe

Fresh selection of shottage from the PS3's RPG flag carrier

Untold Legends, it has to be admitted, was a fairly disappointing offering on PSP. Amongst the first wave of games released for Sony's handheld, we were hoping for a handheld next-gen Gauntlet, with wi-fi multiplayer and bags of RPG goodness.

What we got instead was a rather anodyne run-of-the-mill RPG which couldn't have been more by the numbers if its name was Dale Winton and it was calling out the National Lottery balls.

Still, we're hoping for better things from the PS3 RPG flag carrier Untold Legends Dark Kingdom, which is being penned with a storyline by renowned D&D author Keith Baker and features your heroic struggle against an evil king and his unholy oppressive minions.


Promising advanced multiplayer action via co-op and PlayStation Online, visceral combat and some real in-depth character progression, it certainly looks like it might be a big improvement on its handheld cousin. Apparently you'll even be able to grab some of the creatures you encounter and use them as living weapons against their hapless foes. Any game which allows to beat your opponents to death with their comrades can't be all bad.

Anyway, have a gander at these latest shots and let us know if this is the PS3's first best hope for a bright RPG future.