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Red vs. Blue

We talk to Matt Hullum of Rooster Teeth about the most popular machininima series ever

Red Vs Blue has to be hands down one of the funniest machinima series ever concieved, taking the grunts from Halo and giving them a life of their own through the animatronic wonders of machinima.

Further explanation on our part is absolutely unnecessary since you can see it all for yourself at the official Rooster Teethsite. But onto the interview where RvB's Matt Hullum reveals even more.

Briefly, who are you and what do you do?
I work on Red Vs Blue and other Rooster Teeth stuff and cheat at Sudoku in my spare time.

How was Red Vs Blue born?
It was a natural yet unholy delivery. Kind of like with that kid in The Omen. Burnie (part of the Red Vs Blue team) came up with Red Vs Blue while working on Halo gameplay videos and trying to make them more interesting. It was for a website called that was destined for failure. I only say 'destined for failure' because Gus and Geoff started it (also in the RvB team), and also because it actually did fail miserably. Luckily, RvB sprang like a phoenix from its pathetic, obnoxious ashes.

Why on Xbox? Surely a PC game would have been more convenient?
Actually, the Xbox is a pretty great solution for machinima. We can have four characters on one box, but we'd need four computers to do that with a PC game. Or two pairs of socks if we were to create Red Vs Blue as sock puppet theatre. Xbox means fewer machines and warmer feet. Now that's convenience.

We've heard the series has had positive feedback from soldiers stationed in Iraq too.
Yeah, we've really enjoyed that. One of the coolest gifts we ever received was a pair of American flags - one for the Red team and one for Blue - that had been carried on missions in Afghanistan in a Black Hawk helicopter. We get great pictures all the time from Iraq too, like Humvees with 'warthog' spray-painted on the side. I think soldiers like it because they can relate to the military downtime jokes and the bureaucracy humour. One soldier even told us his unit commander made it a priority to download new episodes every week during their short Internet uptime.

As industry interest grew, did you have to change your style?
We just like making goofy videos, so when we get asked to do something a little more 'industry', we try to bring the industry down to our immature level.

What sort of feedback have you received from the film industry?
Mostly they're just trying to figure out what we're doing. When we try to explain Red Vs Blue and the art of machinima, most film people either don't believe us, don't understand it or don't care. We're breaking new ground.

Have Bungie been supportive?
Bungie are great and really supportive of the entire Halo machinima community. They added back in the ability to lower the weapon in Halo 2 which was actually a bug we exploited in the first Halo. Without that, all our dialog scenes would have been extremely aggressive.

Finally, any plans for the future of Rooster Teeth?
Yes, we're still trying to figure out how to do a Bejewelled machinima piece. Stay tuned...