Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07

Tee off with Mr Woods as the Tiger roars in his new PS3 clubhouse

Practice makes perfect. Or so we keep telling ourselves while wrapping our driver around the nearest tree as another ball plops in the water. In Tiger Woods 2007 it's the only way to improve, with a new practice area solely responsible for bumping up your golfer's attributes before taking on the pros.

Fortunately, what could have been boring drills on the driving range and putting green are turned into fun minigames. For instance, 'Seven' is a two-player game in which the first player selects a location to hit from, a green and then a choice of pins, with points awarded for whoever gets closest to the hole and sinks their ball first.


Where the previous games hooked the ball towards the hazard marked 'arcade', Tiger Woods 2007 eyes up a more realistic approach. An optional new True Aiming mode features a circular target area that decreases in size (and therefore becomes more accurate) the better your attributes are, which makes for a far more challenging system than the foolproof arrow targeting of previous years. Likewise, the silly Gamebreaker feature has been killed off altogether.

It all sounds promising for a series that's had to reinvent itself slightly for PS3, and from what we've played so far, the changes are certainly paying off.