Fight Night Round 3 seconds out... PS3

EA's admirable next-gen bruiser prepares to box clever on PS3, with new features

Following its splendid world championship winning form on current-gen formats and admirable bouts on both PSP and Xbox 360, EA's excellent Fight Night series continues its rumble in the next-gen jungle with an outing on PS3 now officially confirmed for later this year.

So what can PS3 owners look forward to? Well all of the title's form which made it pretty much the ultimate boxing game, with excellent and bruising head-to-head encounters, a long and deep career mode and hands down the most realistic and brutal boxing visuals we've ever seen.

But wait, there's more, with a PS3 exclusive Get in the Ring mode - fantastic! But what does that actually mean? Well for the moment EA is long on reach but short on detail, but we'd hazard a guess by saying perhaps it's a chance to scan in your own mugshot and watch it being pummelled to bits by some of the world's finest pugilists. Pure speculation on our part of course, but wouldn't that be rather cool, to be able to see what your fizzog might look like after it had received the attentions of Muhammad Ali for a full 12 rounds in his prime?

Still, Michael Blank, producer for EA Canada did at least offer the following: "Gamers loved the realism of Fight Night Round 3 when it was released on Xbox 360 because of its incredible next-gen graphics and gameplay. With Fight Night Round 3 for PlayStation 3, we want to give gamers an exciting and unique gameplay experience that will take the realism of Fight Night even further by allowing players to live the game through their own eyes. This is the closest you'll get to trading blows with Muhammad Ali. "

Intriguing non? In fact, it might even be some kind of first-person mode by the sounds of it, and more unique gameplay features are also promised for the PS3 edition, some of them perhaps even using some of that funky tilt functionality. We'll have more Fight Night Round 3 PS3 goodness for you - once EA has dropped its guard.