Gran Turismo PSP stuck in gravel trap

The hotly anticipated handheld version of Polyphony Digital's racer has seen its release date slip indefinitely

Famitsu has reported -- after an interview with Polyphony Digital -- that the release date for the PSP version of Gran Turismo 4 has been put back indefinitely.

Originally mooted to appear in Japan in Spring 2005, it sems that gran Turismo: Mobile Edition has fallen victim to the curse of the PSP, which has recently been dogged by reports of low sales for UMD movies and has been spectacularly outsold in most territories by Nintendo's DS.

Gran Turismo: Mobile edition is, of course, one of those games that could single-handedly boost sales of Sony's handheld -- the prospect of head-to-head battles around the world's finest racing circuits via WiFi is an enticing one indeed. But it seems we'll have to be patient. Perhaps the launch delay is a function of Polyphony Digital diverting resources to the first PlayStation 3 Gran Turismo? We can but wait and see.