Warhammer RTS in Chaos

Latest shots and footage from Mark of Chaos reveals the real-time strategy game's Chaos side

Way, way back in time, we were partial to a bit of the old Warhammer tabletop action, so suffice to say we're keen to see how developer Black Hole's RTS take - i.e. Warhammer: Mark of Chaos - on Games Workshop's game turns out. Not too long to wait now before the title debuts, but in the meantime we're being treated to new Mark of Chaos screenshots and footage.

The media sheds light on the RTS's Chaos faction, and along with the visual goodies we've additionally been sent descriptions of some of the units shown in the screens. Read on for words on the Aspiring Champion Of Nurgle, Bloodletters, Warhounds Of Chaos, Hell Cannon and the Undivided Sorcerer...

Aspiring Champion Of Nurgle

Aspiring Champion Of Nurgle
A veteran warrior of Chaos, this champion is dedicated to the Lord of Decay, Nurgle. Nurgle's Champions, ravaged by disease, are themselves protected from such plagues, for they have become inured to the pain and discomfort, and while their bodies may corrupt, the spirit of Nurgle sustains them when lesser mortals would die. Thus, the Aspiring Champion of Nurgle can endure wounds and afflictions that would cripple others, and yet fight on in his name. They are horrific to look upon, more so even than other Champions of Chaos, for their peeling flesh, their stomachs bloated with corpse-gasses and their charnel stench is a reminder of the fate that awaits all living creatures.

Bloodletters are Lesser Daemons, known variously as the Footsoldiers of Khorne, the Warriors of Blood, the Teeth of Death, or the Horned Ones. Carrying blades quenched in the blood of a generation of fallen warriors, they march behind twisted banners that flutter in no earthly breeze, accompanied by the chanting of the names of those slain in battle. They are bestial creatures, with snarling, fanged mouths, whose skin drips constantly with blood, their matted manes shaped into spines with dried gore. Like the raging god from which they are born, Bloodletters have no desire but to shed blood on the field of battle. They are clad in fragments of armour, which is sometimes melded to their skin, and wield massive swords.

Warhounds Of Chaos
Many Northmen tribes breed and train massive hounds for a variety of purposes, such as hunting and sport. Some Kurgan tribes delight in the spectacle of trained pit hounds fighting against bears, trolls and other creatures. Generations of selective breeding has created the most vicious and powerful hounds, which are more wolf than dog. These natural killers are made all the more horrifying by the warping effect of Chaos, causing them to sprout horns, tusks, and spines.


Hell Cannon
Part daemon, part War Machine, the Hell Cannon of Chaos is a massive construct of iron and brass that growls and shakes with diabolic sentience. In battle, these arcane engines heave great blasts of daemonic energy that arc through the air toward their targets, incandescent explosions liquefying anything they touch and sending the survivors screaming in all directions.

Undivided Sorcerer
Those who use the raw winds of magic to cast spells are known as Sorcerers, powerful spellcasters, able to unleash black bolts of energy from their fingertips, transport themselves from shadow to shadow, or flay their foes with burning fires. Sorcerers are seen amongst the Northmen as the oracles of the gods, and often act as advisors and counsellors to the northern tribes. They interpret the will of the Great Powers, diving with sacrifices and daemon summoning.