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Valentine's day coming to Wii?

Will Jill Valentine be making a comeback in Resident Evil Wii?

Speculation is mounting that Jill Valentine, who starred in the first Resident Evil, will be returning for the hotly anticipated Nintendo Wii version of the zombie-crunching game.

Bear with us, though, because there are plenty of ifs and buts surrounding this one. The news arose from a report that voice actress Tara Platt had recorded material for the game.

Kotaku received an email from Platt herself, confirming that she had contributed material for an unspecified version of Biohazard (the Japanese name for Resident Evil) - but the actress herself has no idea whether she is the voice of Jill Valentine: "I cannot actually verify that I am in Wii or the Biohazard 5 game, all I know for sure is that the contract (for the game I did work on) had the title Biohazard (but it could be any number of varying title offshoots from that same company)."


Platt says she recorded the material in December 2005, so whether it's for the Wii version of Resident Evil or for Ressie 5 for Xbox 360 and PS3 remains to be seen. But Jill Valentine is one of the franchise's best-loved characters, and it would be great to see her in Resident Evil Wii, with rumours that she's the star of the game continuing to rumble.

Meanwhile, Resident Evil fans who list stamp-collecting among their hobbies (come on, admit - when you're not slicing zombies' heads off, you like nothing more than getting down and dirty with a spot of stamp collecting) are in for a treat. Yes, to mark the tenth anniversary of Resident Evil/Biohazard, Capcom is issuing a set of ten 80-yen commemorative postage stamps. For which you'll be able to get a flash presentation case, apparently. Perhaps Stanley Gibbons will be in Resident Evil Wii as well? What more can you ask for than the opportunity to lick zombies' backs?