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Sports Interactive kicks off blogspace

Keep up to date on all the latest management goodies with SI's new Football Manager blog

Work on Sports Interactive's mighty management behemoth Football Manager 2007 continues apace and as a new virtual season approaches SI have launched a brand new FM blog to keep the series many fans (including our bad selves) in the managerial loop.

Part One of many is written by SI's legendary Miles Jacobson and provides details on the game's new 'user friendly' mantra and how it's affected development, also dishing some interesting goods on how the 360's user interface was defined and refined. Here's a quick sample:

"Add to that the introduction of player bios, photos, club bios, logos and other important information to news items, that should certainly save a few mouse clicks. Easier positioning, naming of icons and options, plus the addition of quick links (icons), as well as the Flexion skin being the best looking and easiest skin to use on a Sports Interactive game to date."

Plenty more goodies and reveals are promised in the forthcoming weeks, including first details on many of the games 100+ new features and Miles is always worth a read (although he could use some help with those apostrophes on this evidence), AND particularly since he's a mighty Hornets fan just like select members of the CVG team.