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PS3 enters Unknown Realms

News of new game from Genji developer Game Republic hits the internet with a thwap

There's very, very brief reports floating around the interweb that our old pal Famitsu has revealed that developer Game Republic is working on a new PS3 title for Sony called Unknown Realms. We've no further details, other than that it appears the game is Japan-only at this stage.

Game Republic has previously developed samurai-powered hack 'n' slash effort Genji for Sony's PS2, and is also working on sequel Genji 2 for PS3. The studio's headed up by Yoshiki Okamoto, who is responsible for some high profile titles including Street Fighter 2, Resident Evil and Devil May Cry. Good pedigree of course, but the rest of the details on those realms for the moment remain ...erm unknown.