Xbox Live and free for ten days!

Microsoft make you an offer you can't refuse

Yup you read that right, Microsoft are giving Live away for free for 10 days between the 20th and the 29th of September all across Europe!

Sponsored by Windows Live Spaces, the offer allows full access to the Xbox Live Gold membership through a standard broadband cable, enabling the online gaming, demo downloading and multitude of other features on the service usually cut off from those cheapskate Silver membership holders.

As part of the Xbox Community Network, a group of 150 enthusiast-run Xbox websites across Europe, 360Monster cites that "on 20th September at 00.01 local time, Xbox will flick the switch, giving gamers in Europe full access and the chance to see what everyone is talking about, until the free trial ends on 29th September at 23.59 local time."

Now there's frankly no excuse not to nuke your friends and loved ones over the internet.