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Devil May Cry heading for PSP slashing

Dante is unsheathing his sword and heading for a PSP slash-em-up, Capcom reveals

With the first Devil May Cry 4 info starting to trickle out of Capcom's Japanese fortress, Dante and his slash 'em-up action series are hot in our minds at the moment. But, thanks to a note on the company's Japanese website, it looks like the half-devil hero isn't just heading for the PS3, but Sony's slick PSP as well.

Unfortunately, the only info the listing offers about Devil May Cry's PSP debut is that it will be of the "stylish action" genre, which presumably means it won't turn out to be a Metal Gear Acid-style Dante card game, but something a bit more familiar to the console slash-em-ups we're used to - maybe even a port of one of the PS2 version of the game, which we'd be happy to replay on the tube with the aid of our PSPs.

Perhaps, with the official Devil May Cry 4 website due to open tomorrow, we'll get a bit more of a hard confirmation on the title, along with some gameplay info if we're really, really lucky. But with TGS only a few weeks away, it's likely that we won't have to wait long until we get our first glimpse of Dante hacking and slashing on the PSP. Stay tuned for more DMC love.