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Call of Duty 3 bombs new media

Activision deploys fresh media blanket-bombing for its gorgeous WWII shooter three-quel

Fresh from the battlefield we've got brand new Call of Duty 3 screens and movie, showing more gorgeous next-gen visionings of our boys campaigning against the Nazi war machine, in Treyarch and Activision's massive WWII shooter three-quel jumping into combat later this year.

As ever we have our suspicions that this latest Call of Duty 3 media is from either the PlayStation 3 of Xbox 360 versions of the game, but it's not currently clear. For more info on the latest seminal entry in the WWII shooter series, click to our preview by sliding your eyes rightward soldier - and don't forget to check out the other gorgeous footage showing off next-gen WWII action.

Call of Duty 3 is expected to begin its campaign by deploying in shops this autumn.