Holy LEGO Batman!

Exclusive: The DC Comics Dark Knight is brick-ing it for another seminal Traveller's Tales Lego adventure!

The next licensed LEGO game from veteran UK developer, Traveller's Tales will be based on the massive DC Comics superhero, Batman, CVG can exclusively reveal today.

Just days prior to the release of the next entry in massively successful LEGO Star Wars series, CVG's investigative reports have learned that work has already begun on a franchise follow-up, staring the Caped Crusader in a block-busting adventure through a LEGO brick Gotham city.

No further details were offered from our sources, though we're sure that - considering how much fantastic fun the first two LEGO Star Wars games were - Batman's blocky-debut is certainly something to look forward to. While we would've probably opted for something more in the vein of LEGO Eastenders, the Dark Knight's deep universe and wide-array of characters and villains perfectly lends itself to the Lego spirit, and we're bursting to pilot a block-built Batmobile through the Gotham streets.

When we contacted Traveller's Tales the studio as expected declined to comment on LEGO Batman, although further delving led us to development director, Jonathan Smith who when asked about the game told us that considering the studio's long running partnership with LEGO, "we will definitely will be making more LEGO games in the future."

Exciting stuff indeed. We will of course shine the big, CVG spotlight skyward when more word on LEGO Batman reaches our ears.