Parabellum movie nukes your eyeballs out!

First alpha footage of Acony's clan-based Unreal Engine 3 FPS which won a fair few plaudits at LGC

Sneaking in a little bit under the radar at this year's Leipzig Games Show was Parabellum, a new strategy based Unreal Engine 3-powered first-person shooter from German company Acony.

Designed from the ground up for five person per team multiplayer, Parabellum is making a big push for clan-based warfare and with a limited edition movie debuting today, we thought we had a duty to share some gameplay footage from this new multiplayer shooter with you.

Why? Well any game which features a thermonuclear explosion at the end has to be a good one in our books, so here it is in all its glory with some bonus screens from the game for you to enjoy too.

Parabellum has also been developed in conjunction with a lot of the major e-sports organisations in mind, so expect to see it become a real contender in clan-based online warfare. The game's currently set for a debut in the first half of next year.