PC GRAW snares new multiplayer modes

Latest content for the tactical shooter deployed - it's what the fans have asked for, apparently

A new update for the PC version of Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter that's been released introduces new multiplayer modes 'Siege' and 'Original Ghost Recon Co-op' to the game.

In Siege Mode, players battle for control of a strategic zone, with one team - the Ghosts - defending while a second team - the Mexicans - are on the assault. For the attacking team to win, it must get inside the zone and survive there for more than five seconds.

Original Ghost Recon Co-op Mode, meanwhile, finds players fighting alongside team mates and battling hostiles in enemy territory. The official GRAW website elaborates, "Your mission is to reach the extraction point. The rebel troops have taken Camp Chapultepec and are using it as a staging area for their activities in the region.

Screenshot from the new Siege mode

"Their presence is increasingly affecting the operations of troops loyal to the Mexican President and the Ghosts are sent to deal with the situation before the rebels can fortify their position. This mode allows for up to 12 players to play together (3 teams of 4 players)!"

The new GRAW update can be downloaded from the game's official website.