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Pro Evolution Soccer 6

We sit in the Pro Evo hot seat with creator Shingo 'Seabass' Takatsuka to discuss the secrets of PES 6

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Seabass: Well Xbox Live is wonderful in terms of online infrastructure and it's a wonderful online playing experience itself. What we plan to do and what we think will be a challenge for online is - well we were never really satisfied with the current version of the online mode - and we know the users won't be satisfied as well.

We probably have to break up all the things we have built online, probably create something new from scratch, but we have already started to do that and it's like, what we're trying to achieve is like all your modes and all the modes you have in a normal online first-person shooter, and we want to do that and give the users that feeling, like they're playing the most sophisticated and online titles.
We'd like to give the users that feeling when they play our game as well. This is already happening and from next year, or even sooner, I think we'll be to show you what I'm talking about.


Once we've addressed those core areas, I think we can go into multiplayer and maybe not 11 versus 11 next year, but something close to that. Apart from that we would also like to also experiment doing online leagues, online tournaments and things like that and maybe online Master League mode as well. We are prepared to that and we are determined to do that and well try and present this to you in the very near future.

During our lunchtime PES sessions, most players opt for the PS2 version of the game, because we consider the PS2 Dual Shock as the ultimate controller for playing PES. How does the 360 controller compare - and does it present different challenges?

Seabass: Well if I say this I might upset the Microsoft people, but our feeling is when you play the 360 version you don't get the same play feeling as you do with the PS2 controller. We think this is a very big issue and we think this is very important when the users play the game. Of course we are talking with Microsoft constantly about this issue and the current play feel you get with the 360 controller is a little different. So what we're doing is of course we're not just talking and crying about it, we're doing development and research and making sure that the control feel - even if you play with a 360 controller - you get a similar feeling that you got from the PS2 or PlayStation controllers.

Microsoft recently said they may do a 360 controller specially tuned for FPS's with more sensitivity and more feel, is that something Seabass might embrace in Pro Evo?

Seabass: Well it's a very interesting story and of course we're always intereted if they create new controllers. When I was talking to Microsoft the biggest thing was that they didn't realise how important the D-pad was - especially to the Japanese players. I realised actually that reverse shock, where the European players used the analogue stick more than I thought. So both we and Microsoft were shocked about this, we were talking about this. Whereas in the past you could connect the PS2 controller to the Xbox, now I' ve heard the Microsoft will probably not allow this in the 360 versions, therefore we can't cry about this, we just need to continue the research and development on the controller aspect and we'll keep on trying to improve this.


Pro Evo 6 is of course coming to PSP too, what are your plans for the handheld version of the game - and what did you learn from the original PSP version>?

Seabass: Well the PSP version, of course the previous version was PES 5 and this time it will be PES 6 and the PSP version will be based on the PES 6 engine. When we looked back after releasing the PSP version last year, we of course noticed the difference in the play feel when you play the PSP version, it's totally different to the PS2. I explained before about PES 6 on the other formats that we tweaked the controls - this was actually because we looked back at the PSP and we realised there's a big control difference.

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