Battlefield 2142 screens stomp in

They're mechin' carnage over in Stockholm - and we have the shots to prove it

Battlefield 2142 is shaping up rather nicely, as you'll know if you've read our recent hands-on preview (eyes right). We experienced it direct in the fastness which is Digital Illusions' Stockholm office, with the excellent Titan mode winning plaudits for its wide open missile controlling combat and corridor crunching interior action.

Our playtests on the multiplayer beta have also been exhaustive and equally rewarding, and of course what we've found everyone really wants to do is strap on a pair of giant armoured trousers (or a mech as DI calla them) and rove around the battlefield, crushing puny infantry beneath their armoured DMs.


So we welcome this splendid selection of new shots this morning, which showcase even more mech mayhem from the game, with the armoured warriors going weak at the knees (there's a clue there for bringing them down) in a fine array of action shots.

Enjoy. BF2142 is set to debut before the end of this very year.