VF5 PS3: Kickin' new shots

And loads of 'em, plus a few more details on Sega's hardy perennial beat-em-up

No new console would be complete without a top-ranking beat-em-up, and the PlayStation 3 will have the latest incarnation of Sega's pioneering 3D punch-and-kick legend, Virtua Fighter 5. Although not, it seems, at launch - Sega's quoting a ship date of spring 2007, which could, admittedly, make it a launch title in Europe.

Can't wait that long? Well, you're going to have to, but while you do, you can build up your anticipation further by casting your eyes over these screenshots. Sega is promising that VF5 will boast a host of enhancements, including two new characters - Mexican wrestling champion (so expect a gimp mask) El Blaze and Chinese Monkey Kung Fu expert Eileen - and an "Offensive Move" technique that allows players to move around their opponents. Players will also be able to compete in the game for prizes, which they'll be able to exchange for items at the in-game shop.